Geothermal for New Construction

West Chester residents looking to build a new home will find WaterFurnace geothermal products to be their leading heating and cooling choice. Especially with the planning assistance, installation, and service that we at Sinton Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc. provide.

First of all, you should recognize that WaterFurnace geothermal systems have proven themselves to be the most efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly heating and cooling choice in the industry today.

Then, think on this – you can easily combine the initial expense into your monthly mortgage payment. And the additional amount to your monthly payment is generally less than the savings each month you’ll see by installing a geothermal system in new construction. 

For more information on why geothermal is the best choice for West Chester residents building new homes, contact Sinton Air Conditioning & Heating, Inc.. And be sure to check out our Geothermal Savings Calculator.